Why we love making an authentic Portuguese dish

Among the international cuisines, Portuguese dish tops in cultural influence and exchange. They hold to their traditional culinary skills, which have complemented in the modern cuisines.

You don’t have to be a Portuguese to love their dishes; their preparation mode, including the careful use of spices and table setting, attracts all races to enjoy the meal. Balcahau-  the most famous Portuguese dish is loved by all races, thanks to seafood lovers.

The things that make you love making authentic Portuguese dish


Whether you are running against time or busy with the day’s work that awaits you at home, if you are looking for a meal that you get all the food nutrients in the shortest time, then go for Portuguese cuisine.

The fact that they still hold to traditional cooking practices makes cooking tasty dishes fun and enjoyable.

It’s a meal you can easily prepare without looking at the books. Also, the ingredients are readily available; you only need to know where to put where and at what time to have the delicacy.

Sweet taste and delicacy of the food

The sweet taste of Portuguese delicacy comes from the flavor of various herbs and spices. The slow cooking -especially the charcoal grilling and smoking of seafood- supports the essence’s absorption to enhance its taste.

Portuguese have inherited culinary skills over time to an extent they use modern cooking technologies for convenience but stick to old ones when it comes to maintaining the aroma. Here are a few cooking tips that make Portuguese cuisine healthy and tasty


  • The use spices sparingly
  • They understand the use of herbs to enhance the flavor
  • There is the use of flavored salt to promote the taste
  • They know the power of raw food
  • They use ingredients fresh from the farm
  • They know how to make soup from any food
  • Garlic and onion is a must-use ingredient in their delicacy

Diverse flavors of the Portuguese soup


There are many ways you can make stews in which each of them comes with a different flavor.

The unique seasoning skills found in this part of the continent explain the other flavors and various foods’ tastes.

The most common one is the use of salt, herbs, and spices. If you are looking for spicy yet delicious food, you can only find it in Portugal. What makes Balcahau famous?

The fresh seafood well socked in salt for seasoning them marinated with low heat. That is an example of what you expect when you are in start loving Portuguese dishes.

Traditional culinary skills

Although modernity has taken over everything, including our kitchens, some of the old cooking methods have proved to be the best for improving the taste and flavor of food.

Portuguese are renowned for

  • Roasting
  • Searing
  • Stir-frying
  • Baking
  • Steaming
  • Stewing

Parents attest that they love traditionally making these dishes to pass the skill to a generation who may have no idea of what it was when things weren’t modernized.

Traditionally culinary skills have the following benefits

  • Saves you money
  • Promotes the use of healthy ingredients
  • Help you to exercise portion control
  • Promotes social interaction among families
  • Uses fresh and natural ingredients that promote physical and emotional health

Use of spices with health benefits

Spices are not only for enhancing the food flavor, but they also come with numerous benefits.

Every spice has a specific function. Besides, eating a meal prepared without any addition of spices is boring and monotonous.

That affects its taste too. Therefore, people love Portuguese dishes because they promote healthy living.

Here are a few spices and their uses

  • Cinnamon: helps to lower the blood sugar
  • Turmeric: reduces inflammation
  • Ginger: decreases nausea
  • Garlic: enhances cardiovascular health
  • Cayenne: eases muscle pain

The power of soups

Is there a Portuguese meal you can prepare without soup? What is the use of herbs and spices that define this cuisine?

It is only in this continent that you can practically prepare soup with any meal. All you need is to add some zest and herbs to improve its flavor.

One unique thing in the soup that it can’t lack piripiri- pepper, which comes with many benefits which include

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Improves one immunity
  • Acts as a pain reliever
  • Improves one’s appetite

If you are sick, your caregiver will always serve you with soup for the above benefits.
There are positive reasons why in your lifetime, you should try this cuisine.

You will enjoy a healthy lifestyle and also promote good physical and emotional health.

This could be the reason we have a physically active older generation in this continent. The spices and herbs consumed overtime to slow the aging process making you more productive.