The Top Portuguese Dishes You Need to Try

Portuguese cuisine has been heavily influenced by Mediterranean cuisine. In particular, it relies heavily on seafood such as salmon and cod. Although Lisbon has adopted elements of international cuisine, the majority of the country has special dishes. Portuguese cuisine relies on olive oil, spices, seafood, sandwiches, and powdered sugar. Here are the main Portuguese dishes that you need to try today.

Cataplana de Marisco

Cataplana de Marisco is a dish native to Algarve. It was named the Cataplana because the dish was originally cooked in a copper pan. Generally, the dish is a combination of many things, including clams, white wine, tomatoes, garlic, and onions.

Sardinas Assadas

Sardinas Assadas is a popular Portuguese meal consisting of grilled sardines. It is a common feature at the many festivals happening across Portugal. Chefs typically roast the sardines in a grill outdoors. The sardines are then seasoned with sea salt.

Once they become smoky, they are served without removing the head or bones. Generally, Portuguese people eat them whole. However, they are careful not to swallow the spine. The taste is wonderful, and most people report that it’s crispy and flaky.

Cozido à Portuguesa

This is a traditional meal with varying ingredients. Each part of Portugal has its variant, but the main ingredients are vegetables, sausages, and boiled meat. The northern part of Portugal prefers breaded sausages with jam and bread. Mince potato and chicken are common in the southern part of Portugal.

Arroz de Tamboril

Tamboril is a popular seafood in Portugal. It is monkfish prepared in a tomato stew. Some chefs sprinkle some rice and garlic on top of the mixture. This type of meal is normally prepared in the parts bordering the Atlantic ocean.


Portuguese chefs use poached eggs, vinegar, olive oil, and coriander to create Açorda. The meal is native to the Alentejo area, which is an area covered by vineyards and fields.

Laborers are the main consumers because the ingredients are affordable, and it can go with anything. Wealthier families prefer adding shrimps and other types of seafood. It’s even possible to find an Açorda meal accompanied by a slice of wild game meat.

Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde is a popular dish in Portugal, especially in the northern part of the country. You are likely to find people eating the soup during the winter, but it’s possible to prepare it at any time of the year. Once the soap is fully cooked, it adopts a green color. That green color can change to dark green if you add cabbage. If you can’t get your hands on cabbage, you can add kale or collard greens.

Other accompaniments include Portuguese olive oil. Generally, this is a simple but mouth-watering soup.


Portuguese Cod Fish

If you ever get the chance to visit Portugal, you need to taste the Portuguese codfish. This is a nationally acclaimed meal available on all days of the year. Experienced chefs claim that there are 365 methods of preparing Portuguese codfish. The most crucial part is that each of these preparation methods is simple and easy. You can expect delicious flavors once the meal lands on your table.

The majority of the people use grilling or baking methods to prepare the codfish. A recent trend is to scramble the codfish in eggs. Then, you can add garlic, onions, eggs, and potatoes. If you are grilling it at home, you should purchase a grill cover to cover for protection against rain, snow, and sun.


Portugal also has its national sandwich that you can find in every corner of the nation. To prepare the sandwich, you will need white bread and marinated pork. Fortunately, there is enough white wine, garlic, and other spices to be used to prepare the marinated pork. As for the bread, it should have a crunchy crust exterior and a soft interior.

Typical accompaniments include any soup. The meal is ideal for dinner or lunch, and you can throw in some beer. Another advantage is that there is no limit to the number of ingredients you can add to the sandwich. For example, you can add tomatoes, bacon, or eggs.


Francesinha Sandwich

The Francesinha sandwich is famous in the Porto region of Portugal. The sandwich is covered with sausages, ham, and bread. However, its real genius lies in its secret sauce that is unique for each restaurant. Nevertheless, the sauce must contain thick tomato.


Portugal has so much to offer, from the rich culture to the exquisite sceneries. But few people know that Portugal’s most prominent heritage is its delicious cuisine. If you get the time to taste the meals that we have listed above, you will agree that Portuguese cuisine is one of the best in the world.