Port and Madeira are two types of wine that have been around for centuries. The grapes, vines, and production process are similar to wines in other parts of the world so they’re not too unique or different from what you might be used to. They also vary in style when it comes to sweetness levels which makes them a good option for those who don’t like their wine sweet. However, if you enjoy sweeter wines then these aren’t really the best options for you as they can be quite dry with little sugar added during fermentation.

Portuguese wine: Port or Madeira

  • Port is a fortified wine, which means it has alcohol added to it when it’s made so the taste lasts longer.
  • Madeira is also a fortified wine but with lower levels of alcohol, typically around 15%. There are two main styles: dry and sweet. Dry ports have very little sugar added while sweet ports usually contain more sugar (though they still have less than most wines).