About Us

Ask any American about their favorite European cuisines, and they’ll give you stories of their favorite meals from France, Italy, or Germany. However, if you start thinking of sophisticated cuisines and drinks outside America, then Portugal will be on top of your list.

Portuguese cuisines have been growing in popularity around the U.S and other European countries, with most of their meals known for their wealth of spices, olive oil, and seafood. Luckily for Restaurante Tavares visitors, a bacalhaubras or Caldo Verde is only a few minutes away.

Restaurante Tavares boasts a casual atmosphere, friendly staff, and huge portions cooked with 100% authentic Portuguese spices by talented Michelin chefs. Our extensive menus offer a wide variety of mouth-watering traditional Portuguese cuisines and drinks.

Customers at Restaurante Tavares can expect a wide range of premium quality steaks, Portuguese specials, and the best seafood dishes on the horizon. Our menus have inspired lots of chefs and delighted lots of generations by bringing back Portugal’s sweet memories for those who have visited the country.


Restaurante Tavares is dedicated to introducing Portugal’s unique dining experience and authentic cuisines to the United States. Our mission is to share great tasting Cape Verdean delights and offer reliable and friendly customer service.
Our dining area is welcoming and sophisticated, with the hotel’s unique design striving to portray a warm and airy escape for our customers. Customer satisfaction one of our top priorities, and that’s why our ingredients are always fresh and specially selected.


The vision behind Restaurante Tavares is to help fellow Americans discover the Portuguese culture and gastronomy in an exciting and relaxing way. We do everything with an unwavering passion for offering a truly unique dining experience where sophistication is a priority.