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Ask any American about their favorite European cuisines, and they’ll give you stories of their favorite meals from France, Italy, or Germany. However, if you start thinking of sophisticated cuisines and drinks outside America, then Portugal will be on top of your list.

Portuguese cuisines have been growing in popularity around the U.S and other European countries, with most of their meals known for their wealth of spices, olive oil, and seafood. Luckily for Restaurante Tavares visitors, a bacalhau a bras or Caldo Verde is only a few minutes away.

Traditional Bacalhau

Historically, bacalhau is one of Portugal’s staple meals prepared from dried, salted cod. There are various ways to prepare bacalhau in the Portuguese culture, depending on which part of the country you’re in.

Get the Ceviche

With seafood being one of Portugal’s main calling, you won’t miss ceviche in many Portuguese restaurants. Our ceviche is always fresh, with a light, bursting, and refreshing citrusy flavor that leaves you craving for a weekend at Portugal’s seashores.


While catholic workers historically prepared Portugal’s pastries, Restaurante Tavares has brought the country gourmet secrets to the American backyard. Pasteis de Nata is among the most famous treats at Restaurante Tavares, thanks to its rich, creamy texture and taste.

Meat and Soups

Like in local Spanish restaurants, Restaurante Tavares has a host of beef, pork, chicken soups, and meat. Our meat is seasoned with native Portuguese spices, with the main starter soup being Caldo Verde, a popular cuisine made with sausage cuts, potato puree, and sliced kale.

Our Story

For years, Restaurant Tavares has been consistent in offering authentic Portuguese foods and high-quality services. Our menu is a true representation of traditional culinary delights of the Cape Verdean recipes and American influenced and contemporary alternatives.
Restaurante Tavares was born from the passion for bringing the delights of Portuguese gastronomy and culture to the American food market.

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